A Life of Wonder

A Note from Josh Perez, Co-Founder.


”Advance to a Life of Wonder”

I’m not sure how my mom knew I’d need those words at some point in my life. 

When I was a kid, she wrote me this letter. Actually, it was more of an acrostic style poem, that formed a letter. I didn’t find it until she passed away though. A goodbye of sorts, since we didn’t get to share any last words together. The last line read: advance to a life of wonder.

Our last meal together occurred during a layover while I was returning from a trip to Nepal. It was Thanksgiving and we ate at the food court, followed by a late evening coffee before my next flight. She’d brought a change of clothes to the airport since I’d been reusing the same ones for a month while trekking through the Himalayas. My parents were kind and booked a hotel room at the airport for me to shower and relax during my long layover. Hospitality and caring for others was my mom’s mission in life. 

It’s in that spirit that Pedro & Tailor wants to help care for our community. Even in the smallest way. 

In some ways, it’s refreshing that I never knew exactly what she meant by that last line— I get to interpret it for myself now.

And as I pass this saying on to friends and strangers, they too get to dream for themselves about what it might mean to live a life of wonder.

This is a hard season for everyone, globally, and we want to help people advance.

Everyone deserves a life of wonder and I’m starting to realize what mom meant by those words.

The photography grant we’ve launched is an expression of how we hope our brand will always exist, with her spirit of kindness and generosity.



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