Hanging out with Vince Greathouse

Vince is a friend of the brand, an amazing model, and a talented musician. Having joined us on our recent campaign photoshoot we wanted to give share some of the conversations we had while on set. 

How did you get into modeling? What inspired you about modeling? 

I was first introduced to modeling and the fashion industry by my oldest brother Justin Great it was always a thought that  I could possibly be a model but I was never completely sold on being a model until I was discovered by Wilhelmina Denver in the month of December 2019 and was offered a contract to model on a professional level. 

I feel modeling inspired me to be more confident and self-assured within my skin. Modeling has also given me the knowledge on the importance of self branding, and strategy when planning for your future and striving to achieve your goals and dreams.

In the world of Instagram where its easy to call yourself a model, what advice do you have for individuals wanting to become a truly professional model? 

Tho I’ve only been modeling for 8 months I’ve been blessed to work with brands such as The North Face, Pact Clothing, Balance Athletica, Buckle, etc. With any job I feel that preparation is key, especially when you want to model on a professional level. From doing the proper research on the modeling industry, and best agencies to get in contact with for modeling. Getting your portfolio ready, learning how to pose and knowing your body to truly grow in your craft. 

Last time you were on set with us you mentioned your musical background. Tell us about your music, where can we check it out?

I've always loved music from a very young age I play several instruments from the piano, saxophone, guitar, and drums! I also sing, rap, and produce my own music, under the name Prince Vince. I’m heavily influenced by Hip Hop, R&B, and Rock and Roll; From artist like (Pharrell WilliamsTyler the Creator, Playboi Carti, A$AP Rocky, Emarosa, The Weeknd, Partynextdoor, and more). I am currently working on my album “Vincent’s Modern Life” Produced by my brother Justin Great coming next spring on all platforms! You can currently find my music on SoundCloud @theprincevince.


At P&T, we don't shy away from the truth that Black Lives Matter. Levi and I (Josh) are both minorities. What advice do you have for brands wanting to be more diverse, specifically diversifying with black models? 

I feel that diversity has always been a problem within the modeling industry a lot of brands in early times would only use white models with a certain look with very little black talent actually getting booked for jobs or even getting signed with an agency because they already had someone who fit your description and has the same skin color and ethnicity as you. I’ve definitely experienced shoots were I’m the only black or diverse model out of all my other colleagues. Modeling is steadily evolving to become more diverse from high fashion, to mid fashion, and low talents of all colors are getting opportunities that they’ve never had before in the past and that makes me really happy to see them adding diversity within their businesses and companies. I feel the modeling industry realizes their misrepresentation and undervalued outlook of different cultures, races, and ethnicities that were not the Standard White American Model and being able to show how beautiful other races and ethnicities can be; this also paints a picture of togetherness and unity within America when we need it most!

You have your hands in lots of creative things (from music, to fashion, to modeling). Do you have any advice or resources that are specific to the creative community regarding BIPOC? 



I feel that we as black individuals we have to be three steps ahead in all that we do, because for most of us we are starting our race in last place, we have to put our best foot forward in all we do, and work harder than the next to accomplish our dreams and goals. You have to be determined in your mind that no matter how many times you fall you find the strength to get back up, to make your dreams a reality. It’s not where you start it’s where you finish! Being Black is something I’m proud to be; Black is power, Black is Smart, Black is creative, Black is innovative, Black is culture, Black is iconic, and Black is Revolutionary. Don’t settle for less  or something mediocre, keep going to you reach the destination you truly desire!

What's an accessory or two that you can't leave the home without?  

I can’t leave the house without a hand bag/backpacks, or a pair of sun glasses. I first began to bring bags with me in high school to hold some of my trinkets and books, and on occasion to match my outfit; now I never leave the house without a bag to hold my trinkets. I started really getting into sunglasses last year my freshman year of college; everywhere on campus I was know for wearing a pair of dope sun glasses and a dripped out fit with the finest garments; I would even wear my sunglasses during class. Girls really loved when I wore them the most, I guess they thought the glasses made me look mysterious or maybe made me standout in a unique way. So now I always make sure to keep a pair of glasses with me sunshine or rain, I like being the mysterious guy.

What's next for you, besides wrapping up college? 

Just continuing to grow in my modeling career and grow within my other artistic and business ventures for further success and happiness in my life.

Where are you traveling to after COVID-19 is over, if that actually becomes a reality?

I plan on going to Hawaii, Jamaica or Brazil

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