The Modern Paloma

Spring is the season of new growth. More than ever, this spring is a deeply significant season of transformation as we’re only weeks away from our (delayed) Spring/Summer drop.

Josh’s father is an avid orchid gardener, so as we thought about spring cocktails, it felt right as on homage to our history to include his father’s favorite flower alongside one of our favorite spring beverages: the Paloma.

We wanted to include our own take on celebrating this classic cocktail, so we’ve included some alterations that you can include or go without—your choice. Here is your new favorite spring drink.

The Modern Paloma

2oz. Solento Tequila
4oz. Guava Kombucha
1oz. Lime Juice
One dash of Palo Santo Bitters

The traditional Paloma uses soda or flavored soda water, typically Grapefruit as it’s balanced between sweet and bitter. We chose Kombucha because my (Levi) wife makes homemade Kombucha weekly and we’ve been trying to create more traditional flavors reminiscent of the time we spend in Mexico. The Guava Kombucha is perfectly balanced between sweet and acidic and whether you use soda or juice, it balances perfectly with tequila.

You can use Palo Santo bitters, or if you don’t have any lying around, but do have Palo Santo—you can create your cocktail, light Palo Santo, and set it under a bowl along with your cocktail, and let the smoke infuse into your garnish and spirit.

However you enjoy your Paloma, enjoy this coming season of growth, transformation, and new beginnings.

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