Pedro and Tailor Founders




About Us 

When we dreamed up Pedro and Tailor, we wanted to build a brand that would celebrate A Life of Wonder and that could be a nod to the places we come from—a brand that could celebrate our latino and hispanic culture while being inclusive of everyone, no matter where they come from.

Pedro and Tailor was started by Levi Tijerina and Josh Perez. Our stories begin in photography, creative ventures, and exploration—both of places and ideas. 

After years of creating campaigns for a wide variety of brands, we noticed that there weren’t as many brands focused on celebrating our culture. So we set out to create a lifestyle brand rooted in heritage and wonder. We believe everyone is worth celebrating. 

"A Life of Wonder"

In 2017, Josh was digging through his mom's belongings a few days after her passing and was surprised to see she’d written him something when he was a kid. Her sudden passing never gave his family a chance for a goodbye so the letter he found carried the responsibility of what her last words would be.

The last line in her square and slanted script ended with: "advance to a life of wonder."

These words have become our mantra and we invite you to share in this life of wonder.